August 9, 2005

Pizza Parma

Paninoteca, 61 rue des Martyrs in the 9th.

Posted by clotilde at 1:06 PM


Ca c'est de la telepatie! J'y suis allé jeudi dernier pour la premier fois, et je voulais te le signaler: c'est un peu cher, mais c'est la meilleure pizza que je n'ai jamais mangé à Paris. Par contre, je ne sais pas d'ou ça vient ce truc de la roquette sur tous les plats...

Posted by Emanuele on August 9, 2005 1:31 PM

Oho, ah bon, elles sont si bonnes que ça ? Pour ma part, les meilleures que je connaisse dans le 18e sont celles de Sale e Pepe (rue Ramey, un petit resto qui vaut vraiment le détour !), ainsi que celles du Pepone Café ouvert récemment rue Lepic.

Posted by Adelie on August 15, 2005 7:56 PM

I went there yesterday and was totally disappointed. Their pizzas are not better that what you get in all the fake Italian restaurants around every corner. I ordered pizza bufalata, supposedly with fresh mozzarella and all I got was a heavy, completely melted, tasteless and rather nameless cheese. My friends weren’t happy neither with their more traditional choices. And we all got that too-greasy-for-you feeling after eating.
So I’d rather go for Adelie’s suggestions, adding maybe La Rughetta on top of rue Lepic if you want to stay in the neighbourhood. If you are willing to go a bit farther, my latest awesome pizza moment took place at Amici Miei : 44, Rue Saint Sabin 75011, better to make a reservation at 01 42 71 82 62.
For a bit more upscale Italian food (pasta, veal, fish, but not pizza) in the 9th, you shouldn’t miss Bocca di rosa, a kind of unknown little wonder in a certainly less soulful area of the the 9th arrondissement : 46 bis rue de Clichy, call them at 0142820247. It’s fresh produce, delicious cooking, and the blessing of its young owners’ enthusiasm.

Posted by Veronica on September 1, 2006 11:19 AM

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