January 8, 2006

Hors Service

The janitor (bad translation I'm told!) caretaker is currently out of order.

Posted by clotilde at 2:54 PM


La concierge, a janitor ?
Heureusement que le syndicat des concierges ne lit pas votre site !

Posted by Jules Leglandier on January 9, 2006 5:37 PM

Jules - I'm not sure why you say that: according to the Webster dictionary, a janitor is "one who keeps the premises of a building (as an apartment or office) clean, tends the heating system, and makes minor repairs". Would "superintendant" or "caretaker" be a more appropriate translation in your opinion?

Posted by clotilde on January 9, 2006 8:46 PM

Hi Clotilde,
Attending french school as a child, then moving on to english high school I always had problems with literal translations. Janitor is a bit of an antiquated term in Canada. Caretaker is far less offensive. "Janitor" suggests that you just clean toilets and mop floors. By the way I love reading the french headlines on your website and translating them before viewing your English translation. I must say that you do a far better job than I would. I have to commend you on your mastery of the English language. Most of the french (from France) I've met have no english and do not care to learn. But, is there anything better than being "bilingue"? It's like putting on a different pair of sunglasses, n'est pas?

Posted by Krista on January 12, 2006 3:56 PM

Krista - Thank you for the explanation, I wasn't aware that it was a disparaging word -- I've corrected the post. And I completely agree with you on the languages and sunglasses, it's an excellent image!

Posted by clotilde on January 12, 2006 4:01 PM

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